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Who owns The Little Guy company?
Otto Espresso Pty Ltd is the owner and developer of The Little Guy - A 100% Australian owned and managed business.

Where can I buy The Little Guy?
You can buy from selected retailers or at our online store.

How does The Little Guy work?
Vist the how The Little Guy works page to see how The Little Guy works or download the instruction manual.

Is The Little Guy environmentally friendly?
Yes! The Little Guy believes in environmental sustainability and has been manufactured with the environment top of mind. Refer to our environmental statement.The Little Guy is made with the highest quality materials to the highest international standards. Individual parts and materials have been sourced throughout the world and come from countries such as Germany and Australia. Each The Little Guy is hand polished and assembled in China prior to international delivery. In each of the processing and manufacturing stages, the strictest world standards have been applied to provide you with the highest quality product.

How heavy is The Little Guy?
Please refer to The Little Guy specifications page.

What size is The Little Guy?
Please refer to The Little Guy specifications page.

Why does The Little Guy work on The Little Guy induction top but not on other standard induction tops?
The Little Guy is made from high quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel that does not register with all induction cooktops, so we developed the optimum heating solution, our own Induction Top, that works perfectly with The Little Guy.

How long does it take to produce a cup of coffee from The Little Guy?
Follow this link for details about our brewing process

Does The Little Guy get Hot?
Yes, there are warnings throughout the DVD, instructional manual and "HOT" is printed on The Little Guy neck, adjacent to the steam assembly. Do not touch the Little Guy when he is hot, except for the black handles. Do not move the Little Guy when any of the steel parts are hot. Do not place The Little Guy in a position where children can touch The Little Guy.

What Grinder should I use with The Little Guy?
The Little Guy produces quality espresso from ‘finely ground' coffee beans. As the grind recommended is slightly finer than your traditional espresso grind, we recommend that you ask your barista or coffee appliance retailer for a grinder that can grind coffee close to the consistency of a 'Commercial' grind.

What Beans should I use with The Little Guy?
The ideal taste of coffee is very subjective. The Little Guy recommends that you select a coffee bean to your own liking. Note that the extraction from The Little Guy is slightly milder than a conventional commercial espresso machine and, if used correctly, The Little Guy produces a smooth even flavour. You can change the overall ‘taste' of your coffee by adjusting your milk quantity.

Why don't I have any steam pressure for milk?
"Things to check:

  • What is your heat source? The Little Guy requires an even temperature to create heat over the entire base, which is vital to producing good back pressure for your steaming your milk. If you are using a gas stovetop as your heat source, please refer to our Hints & Tips video.
  • Is your grind too course? If your extraction is running too quickly this indicates that there is not enough resistance in the basket, which is the result of a too course grind. A 'Commercial' grind works best with The Little Guy.
  • A squealing noise is a great indicator that there is not enough pressure for steam, so review your heat source and your grind and watch our Hints & Tips video. Refer to our Hints & Tips video. that demonstates how to create the right steam pressure for your milk.

Why don't I have crema like in the online videos?
"Again, heat source combined with grind and dosing technique when loading your basket with coffee affects your crema. Refer to our extraction video.

What if I want a full mug of coffee (I normally have a long black)?
The Little Guy is designed to produce two expresso shots, a total of 60mL, so to create a long black, add your coffee shot to a cup of boiling water. This is how a long black is generally made in a café.

How do I get the head seal out?
"Using a butter knife, run the blade around the edges (as it can get a bit tacky from the oils of the coffee over time) to loosen the head seal. Refer to our our Hints & Tips video. for cleaning and head seal removal/replacement.

How often should I clean my The Little Guy?
Every few months clean The Little Guy according to our Hints & Tips video.

How should I clean my The Little Guy?
Cleaning The Little Guy's body — lock the group handle and boiler lid into place. Use a soft wet soapy cloth to wipe the Little Guy clean. Rinse under warm water and dry with a tea towel. Using a microfibre cloth also works well.

  • Cleaning the group handle — pull the basket from the handle and wash both separately in warm soapy water. Rinse, then dry with a tea towel or microfibre cloth.

  • Maintenance of the boiler — the boiler is solid stainless steel and has an electro polished surface. There is no need to empty the boiler when The Little Guy's in regular use. If you're storing The Little Guy for any longer than a week we do recommend using a clean absorbent cloth or towel to soak residual water from the boiler and dry the inside surface.

  • Removing the shower screen (refer to our Hints & Tips video for removal) — fold a tea towel into a soft pad, take The Little Guy and turn upside down, resting the top of the head on the tea towel. Using the allen key from The Little Guy Kit, remove the screw in the shower screen in The Little Guy's head. Gently leaver the black head seal from the inside of the head and remove the seal and shower screen together. Wash the screen in warm soapy water, rinse, then dry with a tea towel. Replace the screen and seal back in to the head and secure the screw, using the allen key to tighten.

  • Clearing the steam wand nozzle — the nozzle at the end of the steam wand will be finger/hand tightened. Simply unscrew the nozzle, wash in warm soapy water and use a small paperclip, with blunt end, to clear the hole (avoid using a pin or anything with a sharp end). Rinse the nozzle with clean water and refit to the steam wand using your fingers to tighten.

  • This is all the maintenance required at home. Any work required beyond these simple steps will need to be carried out by a Little Guy authorized service centre.

  • Refer to our Hints & Tips video. for cleaning instructions. Or access the instruction manual for The Little Guy cleaning tips.

How much does it cost to have The Little Guy delivered?
Please refer to our shipping details page.

Do I have to have an account to make a purchase?
You are not required to set up an account to purchase The Little Guy or accessories. Please contact our customer support team at The Little Guy if you are interested in becoming a supplier.

I have ordered my The Little Guy but have not received it.
After processing your payment, you would have received two emails, the first saying ‘Thank you' and a second with your invoice and delivery instructions. The second email will highlight your delivery tracking number which you can use at www.trackingex.com/fedex-tracking/. Please enter this code to track The Little Guy's progress to your doorstep. If you have not received this email, please check your email spam filter.

I cannot find my tracking number and I still have not received The Little Guy.
Contact us and one of our customer service representatives will return to you shortly with your tracking number. Rest assured, all The Little Guy deliveries include travel insurance, however if there has been a delay with the delivery, please contact a Fedex representative www.fedex.com/au for a resolution.

What is the warranty guarantee?
This is noted at the back of your instruction manual. For additional information please check our warranty.

What do I do if my The Little Guy needs a service?
Click on this link and a member of our technical service team will contact you shortly to identify any issues with The Little Guy. After speaking to the service team, if The Little Guy still needs repair within the warranty period, we will be happy to collect from your address. See the full returns policy.

Where can I buy parts and accessories?
Parts and accessories will be available on the website shortly, in the meantime, please contact our customer support team for a listing of available parts and accessories. https://www.thelittleguy.info/contact

How often does The Little Guy require servicing?
Due to the unique design, with your regular care and maintance, The Little Guy does not require servicing by an authorized service centre. You can service The Little Guy yourself every few months by taking the head seal out when completing a general clean - see the "Using the Little Guy" section on this page.

I've read the FAQs but I still have a question about The Little Guy, who can I contact?
If you have any further questions, we'll be happy to answer them for you, please drop us a line via email or phone.

I am looking at doing a feature/article/blog about The Little Guy, can I get in touch with someone from The Little Guy?
Thank you very much for your interest! Please contact us here. Leave your details and someone from The Little Guy will be in contact shortly.