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The Little Guy Evolution

In 2005 in Sydney, Australia, Craig Hiron looked at his iconic stovetop espresso maker and wondered if it could be re-engineered internally so it'd pull genuine espresso shots and texture milk perfectly. Craig's passion for espresso coffee demanded both the shots and the milk texture had to be to the standards of the best cafes in the world.

The Little Guy is an homage to Giordano Robiatti's design classic, originally patented in Milan in 1947. * 

Award-winning industrial designers,Tiller Design were engaged along with Dr Allan Wallace (a professor of thermal dynamics), mechanical specialists, engineers and a manufacturing agent, Doug Marshall. After four years of research, development, design, tooling and production, the Otto Espresso Maker became a reality.

Hear a comprehensive interview with Craig on the development process of the Little Guy.

In 2013 Otto espresso was rebranded as the Little Guy. The rebranding was purely a trademark change. The company ownership, our people and our highly functioning products remain exactly as they've always been.

Our design and build philosophy is simple. We produce products that are the best they can possibly be, with our costs and timelines being secondary to your experience. We make products people who love coffee, food, wine & design. People who happily invest in the integrity of products made perfectly. 

Function, ergonomics and aesthetics is key to us, in this order. Made with the highest quality materials available, and produced within 0.1mm accuracy, there are few domestic espresso machines made this well in the world. As a result, design awards have flowed: The Australian International Design Mark in 2008, the Chicago Athenaeum's 'Good Design' in 2011, International Design Excellence Award finalist in 2009 and a German Design Council nomination for the German Design Awards in 2013.

We are 100% Australian owned, dedicated to delivering highly functioning products to the local and international market. All products are designed and developed, ground up by us. The founder, Craig Hiron, is a man who is passionate about helping people make a flat white or latte at home with the same quality as the best cafes they've visited globally. You won't find someone who is more driven about food, wine and coffee equally!

The Little Guy's customer service philosophy is paramount . We believe that everyone who has trusted us by purchasing our products must be supported in every aspect at home. You become a 'friend' of the Little Guy in every sense of the a friend. Support is just an email or phone call away and we regularly run demonstrations and workshops at our outlets all over Australia — 'like' the Little Guy on Facebook to see where we can pour a coffee for you.

The future at the Little Guy is incredibly exciting. We are continuing to expand our range by design excellence. And the Little Guy will be entering the international market in 2014, with a view to expand into the UK and USA marketplaces.

We look forward to you becoming a Friend of the Little Guy!

Please contact us with any questions, including enquiries regarding international distribution.

* At the request of the Australian distributor of Giordano Robiatti's original coffee maker we've removed the trademark.