Contents of the Little Guy package

The Little Guy espresso maker, nylon tamper, 2 x coffee baskets, instruction manual & quick start guide

Size & Weight

The Little Guy weighs
4.25 kg
9.36 pounds
Packaged weight (as delivered)
7.7 kg
16.97 pounds
Package dimensions
37cm x 25cm x 37cm
14.56 x 9.84 x 14.56 inches
Travel case dimensions
33cm x 20cm x 33cm
12.99 x 7.87 x 12.99 inches
Reservoir volume (full)
250 ml
8.46 fl oz
Reservoir volume (end of cycle)
125 ml
4.23 fl oz
Recommended basket volume(ground coffee)
25 grams
0.88 oz
Extracted espresso volume/cycle
60 ml
2 fl oz


Extraction duration (double shot)
180 seconds (approx)
Milk steaming duration
1 minute (approx)


stainless steel (cast and polished)
stainless steel (electro polished and machined)
Head block
stainless steel (cast and polished)
Coffee jug
stainless steel (spun and polished)
Portafilter basket
stainless steel (pressed)
Machined components(steam assembly etc.)
brass (machined)
Black handles
glass filled nylon

Environmental statement